In the name of God, the All Graci ous, the All Merciful
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The Final Testament

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Sura (1)

Al Fatehah - The Opener (7)
1st uninitialed sura, 4th uninitialed revealed, 5th revealed, overall

Sura (4)

Al-Nesa - The Women (176)
2nd uninitialed sura, 64th uninitialed revealed, 92nd revealed, overall

Sura (5)

Al-Maedeh - The Feast (120)
3rd uninitialed sura, 83th uninitialed revealed, 112th revealed, overall

Sura (6)

Al-Anam - The Livestock (165)
4th uninitialed sura, 41th uninitialed revealed, 55th revealed, overall

Sura (8)

Al-Anfal - The Volunteer Work (75)
5th uninitialed sura, 61st uninitialed sura revealed, 88th sura revealed, overall

Sura (9)

Baraah - Repentance (127)
6th uninitialed sura, 84th uninitialed sura revealed, 113th sura revealed, overall

Sura (16)

Al-Nahl - The Bee (128)
7th uninitialed sura, 48th uninitialed sura revealed, 70th sura revealed, overall

i Sura (17)

Bani Israel - The Transport (111)
8th uninitialed sura, 40th uninitialed sura revealed, 50th sura revealed, overall

Sura (18)

Al-Kahf - The Cave (110)
9th uninitialed sura, 47th uninitialed sura revealed, 69th sura revealed, overall

Sura (21)

Al-Anbya - The Prophets (112)
10th uninitialed sura, 50th uninitialed sura revealed, 73th sura revealed, overall

Sura (22)

Al-Hajj - The Pilgrimage (78)
11th un-initialed sura, 74th un-initialed revealed, 103rd revealed, overall

Sura (23)

Al-Muminun - The Believers (118)
12th un-initialed sura, 51st un-initialed revealed, 74th revealed, overall

Sura (24)

Al-Noor - The Light (64)
13th un-initialed sura, 73rd un-initialed revealed, 102nd revealed, overall

Sura (25)

Al-Furqan - The Statute Book (77)
14th un-initialed sura, 37th un-initialed revealed, 42nd revealed, overall

Sura (33)

Al-Ahzab - The Parties (73)
15th un-initialed sura, 62nd un-initialed revealed, 90th revealed, overall

Sura (34)

Saba - Sheba (54)
16th un-initialed sura, 43rd un-initialed revealed, 58th revealed, overall

Sura (35)

Fater - Initiator (45)
17th un-initialed sura, 38th un-initialed revealed, 43rd revealed, overall

Sura (37)

Al-Saffat - The Rows (182)
18th un-initialed sura, 42nd initialed revealed, 56th revealed overall

Sura (39)

Al-Zumar -The Throngs (75)
19th un-initialed sura, 44th un-initialed revealed, 59th revealed, overall

Sura (47)

Muhammad - Muhammad (38)
20th uninitialed sura, 67th uninitialed revealed, 95th revealed overall

Sura (48)

Al-Fatt-h - Victory (29)
21st uninitialed sura, 82nd uninitialed revealed, 111th revealed overall

Sura (49)

Al-Hujurat - The Walls (18)
22nd un-initialed sura, 77nd un-initialed revealed, 106th revealed overall

Sura (51)

Al-Dhareyat - The Blowing Winds (60)
23rd un-initialed sura, 45th un-initialed revealed, 67th revealed overall

Sura (52)

Al-Toor - The Tur (49)
24th un-initialed sura, 52nd un-initialed revealed, 76th revealed overall

Sura (53)

Al-Najm - The Star (62)
25th un-initialed sura, 22nd uninitialed revealed, 23rd revealed overall

Sura (54)

Al-Qamar - The Moon (55)
26th un-initialed sura, 35th un-initialed revealed, 37th revealed overall

Sura (55)

Al-Rahman - The All Gracious  (78)
27th un-initialed sura, 68th un-initialed revealed, 97th revealed overall

Sura (56)

Al-Waaqe'ah - The Event (96)
28th un-initialed sura, 39th un-initialed revealed, 46th revealed overall

Sura (57)

Al-Hadeed - The Iron (29)
29th un-initialed sura, 66th un-initialed revealed, 94th revealed overall

Sura (58)

Al-Mujaadalah - The Argument (22)
30th un-initialed sura, 76th un-initialed revealed, 105th revealed overall

Sura (59)

Al-Hashr - The Exodus (24)
31st un-initialed sura, 72nd un-initialed revealed, 101st revealed overall

Sura (60)

Al-Mumtahanah - The Tested Woman (13)
32nd un-initialed sura, 63rd un-initialed revealed, 91st revealed overall

Sura (61)

Al-Suff - The Formations (14)
33rd un-initialed sura, 80th un-initialed revealed, 109th revealed overall

Sura (62)

Al-Jumu`ah - Friday (11)
34th un-initialed sura, 81st un-initialed revealed, 110th revealed overall

Sura (63)

Al-Munaafeqoon - The Hypocrites  (11)
35th un-initialed sura, 75th un-initialed revealed, 104th revealed overall

Sura (64)

Al-Taghaabun - Mutual Blame (18)
36th un-initialed sura, 79th un-initialed revealed, 108th revealed overall

Sura (65)

Al-Talaaq - Divorce (12)
37th un-initialed sura, 70th un-initialed revealed, 99th revealed overall

Sura (66)

AL-Tahreem - Prohibition (12)
38th un-initialed sura, 78th un-initialed revealed, 107th revealed overall

Sura (67)

Al-Mulk - The Kingship (30)
39th un-initialed sura, 53rd un-initialed revealed, 77th revealed overall

Sura (69)

Al-Haaqqah - The Inevitable  (52)
40th un-initialed sura, 54th un-initialed revealed, 78th revealed overall

Sura (70)

Al-Ma'aarej - The Highest Heights (44)
41st un-initialed sura, 55th un-initialed revealed, 79th revealed overall

Sura (71)

Noah - Noah (28)
42nd un-initialed sura, 49th un-initialed revealed, 71st revealed overall

Sura (72)

Al-Jinn - The Jinn (28)
43rd un-initialed sura, 36th un-initialed revealed, 40th revealed overall

Sura (73)

AL-Muzzammil - The Coverer (20)
44th un-initialed sura, 2nd un-initialed revealed, 3rd revealed overall

Sura (74)

Al-Muddath-thir - The Keeper of the Secret  (56)
45th un-initialed sura, 3rd un-initialed revealed, 4th revealed overall

Sura (75)

Al-Qeyaamah - Resurrection (40)
46th un-initialed sura, 30th un-initialed revealed, 31st revealed overall

Sura (76)

Al-Insaan - The Human Being  (31)
47th un-initialed sura, 69th un-initialed revealed, 98th revealed overall

Sura (77)

Al-Mursalaat - The Dispatched (50)
48th un-initialed sura, 32nd un-initialed revealed, 33rd revealed overall

Sura (78)

Al-Nab`a - The News (40)
49th un-initialed sura, 56th un-initialed revealed, 80th revealed overall

Sura (79)

Al-Naaze`aat - The Snatchers  (46)
50th un-initialed sura, 57th un-initialed revealed, 81st revealed overall

Sura (80)

'Abasa - He frowned (42)
51st un-initialed sura, 23rd un-initialed revealed, 24th revealed overall

Sura (81)

Al-Takweer - The Rolling (29)
52nd un-initialed sura, 6th un-initialed revealed, 7th revealed overall

Sura (82)

Al-infitaar - The Disintegration (19)
53rd un-initialed sura, 58th un-initialed revealed, 82nd revealed overall

Sura (83)

Al-Mutaffifeen - The Cheaters (36)
54th un-initialed sura, 60th un-initialed revealed, 86th revealed overall

Sura (84)

Al-Inshiqaaq - The Splitting (25)
55th un-initialed sura, 59th un-initialed revealed, 83rd revealed overall

Sura (85)

Al-Burooj - The Constellations (22)
56th un-initialed sura, 26th un-initialed revealed, 27th revealed overall

Sura (86)

Al-Taareq - The Bright Star (17)
57th un-initialed sura, 34th un-initialed revealed, 36th revealed overall

Sura (87)

AL-A`alaa - The Exalted (19)
58th un-initialed sura, 7th un-initialed revealed, 8th revealed overall

Sura (88)

Al-Ghaasheyah - The Overwhelming (26)
59th un-initialed sura, 46th un-initialed revealed, 68th revealed overall

Sura (89)

Al-Fajr - The Dawn (30)
60th un-initialed sura, 9th un-initialed revealed, 10th revealed overall

Sura (90)

Al-Balad - The Town (20)
61st un-initialed sura, 33rd un-initialed revealed, 35th revealed overall

Sura (91)

Al-Shams - The Sun (15)
62nd un-initialed sura, 25th un-initialed revealed, 26th revealed overall

Sura (92)

Al -Layl - The Night (21)
63rd un-initialed sura, 8th un-initialed revealed, 9th revealed overall

Sura (93)

Al-Duhaa - The Forenoon (11)
64th un-initialed sura, 10th un-initialed revealed, 11th revealed overall

Sura (94)

Alsharrhh - Cooling of the Temper (8)
65th un-initialed sura, 11th un-initialed revealed, 12th revealed overall

Sura (95)

Al-Teen - The Fig (8)
66th un-initialed sura, 27th un-initialed revealed, 28th revealed overall

Sura (96)

Al-'Alaq - The Embryo (19)
67th un-initialed sura, 1st un-initialed revealed, 1st revealed overall

Sura (97)

Al-Qadr - The Destiny (5)
68th un-initialed sura, 24th un-initialed revealed, 25th revealed overall

Sura (98)

AL-Bayyinah - The Proof (8)
69th un-initialed sura, 71st un-initialed revealed, 100th revealed overall

Sura (99)

Al-Zalzalah - The Quake (8)
70th un-initialed sura, 65th un-initialed revealed, 93rd revealed overall

Sura (100)

Al-`Aadeyaat - The Runners (11)
71st un-initialed sura, 13th un-initialed revealed, 14th revealed overall

Sura (101)

AL-Qaare`ah - The Calamity (11)
72nd un-initialed sura, 29th un-initialed revealed, 30th revealed overall

Sura (102)

Al-Takaathur - Hoarding (8)
73rd un-initialed sura, 15th un-initialed revealed, 16th revealed overall

Sura (103)

AL-As`r - The Era (3)
74th un-initialed sura, 12th un-initialed revealed, 13th revealed overall

Sura (104)

AL-Homazah - The Backbiter (9)
75th un-initialed sura, 31st un-initialed revealed, 32nd revealed overall

Sura (105)

Al-Feel - The Elephant (5)
76th un-initialed sura, 18th un-initialed revealed, 19th revealed overall

Sura (106)

Quraish - Quraish (4)
77th un-initialed sura, 28th un-initialed revealed, 29th revealed overall

Sura (107)

AL-Maa'oon - Sharing (7)
78th un-initialed sura, 16th un-initialed revealed, 17th revealed overall

Sura (108)

Al-Kawthar - The Great Bounty (3)
79th un-initialed sura, 14th un-initialed revealed, 15th revealed overall

Sura (109)

Al-Kaaferoon - The Disbelievers (6)
80th un-initialed sura, 17th un-initialed revealed, 18th revealed overall

Sura (110)

Al-Naasr - The Help (3)
81st un-initialed sura, 85th un-initialed revealed, 114th revealed overall

Sura (111)

Al-Masad - The Thorns (5)
82nd un-initialed sura, 5th un-initialed revealed, 6th revealed overall

Sura (112)

Al-Ikhlaas - Purity (4)
83rd un-initialed sura, 21st un-initialed revealed, 24th revealed overall

Sura (113)

Al-Falaq - Daybreak (5)
84th un-initialed sura, 19th un-initialed revealed, 20th revealed overall

Sura (114)

Al-Naas - The People (6)
85th un-initialed sura, 20th un-initialed revealed, 21st revealed overall